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Before You Get Started, GDPR Compliance Checklist

Make sure to watch this tutorial and update all of your settings to be GDPR compliant. You can read the full step by step tutorial here or watch the video below. 

How to Set-up Your Number Collecting Pop-up

How to set up your pop-up to start collecting phone numbers on your website. 

Follow this easy tutorial.


How to Create a Campaign

How to create your first campaign with Cypress Text Marketing.

Follow along with this video tutorial.

How to Edit and/or Delete a Campaign

How to edit and/or delete a campaign. 

Follow the tutorial below. 

**Clarification: You cannot edit a campaign, you can only delete and create a new one. The reason you cannot edit is that our system will not send two different sets of messages to your customers (the set with the message before you made the edits, and the set with the message you made after the edits). This will confuse your audience and provide a poor experience for them.**