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Cypress Text Marketing FAQ

What is Cypress’s SMS Pricing Policy?

Cypress charges $0.0095 per outgoing message in the United States and Canada. Incoming messages are free. One SMS is limited to 160 characters (a 200-character message would be sent as two SMS).

Can Cypress Clients Receive SMS Messages?

Yes! Currently, Cypress has made it possible for your shop to receive SMS from phone numbers in the United States, Canada and multiple other countries (for the full list click here).

Where Do My Customers Send Text Messages?

Cypress will assign your business a phone number where your customers can send SMS. Depending on your number of subscribers, you may receive multiple phone numbers. Any of these numbers can receive inbound SMS.

Why Do I Need Multiple Phone Numbers?

Telecom providers prefer that a single phone number only sends so many text messages at once. By having multiple phone numbers, we improve the delivery rate of your SMS messages.

How Many Characters Can I Use in One SMS Message?

SMS messages are limited to 160 characters. You can send up to 640 characters (charged as four text messages) in a single Cypress message. If you need more than 640 characters, you can send follow-up messages.

My list is HUGE, do I have to pay a different price?

No, Cypress has one flat monthly fee for everyone. Whether you’re just starting out, or you have an enterprise level list, everyone pays the same and has access to all of our features from day 1. Any additional charges will be associated with the number of messages you send (See: What is Cypress's SMS Pricing Policy).

So How does Pricing Work?

Cypress charges you a flat monthly app fee to have access to the platform- setting up campaigns, growing your list, helping you increase your sales. This fee is the same, no matter how many sales you make using Cypress tools. 

Our 14-day free trial includes 500 Messages for free during the first month. Additional Messages are billed starting at $0.0095 per Text Message (SMS) and $0.026 per Multimedia Message. (MMS). Phone numbers and incoming messages are free.

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course. Simply uninstall our app from your Shopify dashboard.  A detailed invoice will be available with your monthly Shopify bill.

What payment forms do you accept?

Your payments will be handled through your Shopify billing. You will receive an itemized outline of messages sent and received, plus our monthly app fee.

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