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How Much is Automating Your Marketing Worth to You?

Pay a $0 usage charge and send 1,000 messages for FREE.  Once you go over 1,000 messages, enjoy the lowest per message fee. So you can count on a higher ROI without cutting into your profit margin. 

Cypress Text Marketing Pricing

$0 + 1,000 Messages

Billed Per Month

One Plan For Everyone! No Hidden Fees or Extra Charges

Lowest Per Message Pricing (when you send more than 1,000)

$0.0095/ SMS + $0.026/ MMS (US Only)

Cart Recovery Automation Campaign 

SMS Campaigns & Automations

Full Suite of Subscriber Collection Tools

Timezone-based Messages

Priority 24/7 Email & Chat support

Audience Segmentation (2021)

ROI & Performance Analytics (2021)

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